Our advanced Field Sock is characterized by it's unique and Innovative purposes. 

 While setting new standards with multi-functional Attributes, hinged on quality.

    Field Sock delivers protection and support to the feet and ankles with it's compression type materials  Browse our website and take a closer look at Field Sock with it's thread content of Polypropylyne - Polyamide Nylon and Spandex. This gives the sock a, ~ One-Size-Fits-All ~ Content also helps wick away moisture from the skin, Thus kepping your feet dryer/longer. Also forms a type of  Water resistance.


  • Below The Knee Sock

  • Outer Sleeve Attached Directly In Middle Of Sleeve By A Top/Bottom Cover Stitch, Giving it a Top Cuff & A Bottom Cuff.

  • Pull Bottom Cuff over the top of shoe, keeping moisture/debris from falling into the gap.

  • Roll Bottom Cuff up with shoelaces, Pull Top Cuff down over rolled laces for added strength.

  • Top Cuff can serve as an inconspicuous holding spot, Fold Pant leg and tuck into top cuff while cycling. Keeping pants clean and out of the chain. Field Sock's are nice to wear regular without using a function. With Field Sock, you can fold/roll in various ways to make appealing and or covering a color in sock, giving it a solid look.

People say this is one of the most comfortable socks they have worn, with it's 10-15mmgh compression. Giving your foot added support through out your day.

  FieldSock    Loveland-Colorado   Eli@FieldSock.com     

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